Thursday, 19th November

Monday we have the chromebooks–we will read for twenty minutes (and do the last mini-seminar); then, you’ll have the rest of the class to work on your blog.

Tuesday: Read Act III scenes i-iii

Wednesday: You must submit to google classroom: One blog post and one of: Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest.

Tuesday, November 3rd

In a well developed response of at least a page, discuss the following:
What connections can you make between topics or issues in your reading and your life / your world?

You must include several examples from both your text(s) and your own life/world. Use at least one direct quote and cite it properly.

Tuesday, October 27th

Finish reading the short story. Annotate as you read: Underline great quotes, write questions in the margin, highlight (or underline) anything that points to character or theme.

Clues to discovering theme:
1. Check the title
2. How do the main characters change/grow?
3. What do they learn?
4. What kinds of struggles do they have?
5. What conflicts occur? How are they resolved?
6. Are there recurring ideas? symbols? word?
7. When you look at the above, do any patterns emerge?

Tuesday, October 13th

FOR TONIGHT: go over your draft and decide where your essay could be strengthened with research. Also read over and digest my comments on your education assignment. It would be a good idea to start the research too.


Login- peiebsco

password – level3

BY THURSDAY:  Complete a THIRD draft that includes at least two different sources.  You must have at least one direct quotation and one section of paraphrased information.  Be sure to collect the info you will need for your WORKS CITED PAGE.

Monday, 5th October

Wednesday:  Good copy of Education Assignment is due.  Please read the instructions carefully.

Reader’s Notebooks this week: Record something in each section–it doesn’t have to be long.  You’re using the notebook to explore ideas.  ALSO do one response (in the response section) to the novel you’re reading at this point.  DATE ALL ENTRIES!!

*With the entries, it’s not about the length of them, but whether or not I can see you thinking and not just gettin’ ‘er done.

Thursday, October 1st

For tomorrow, finish at least five entries.  I’m attaching a pdf of the task cards we used to day in case you need to refresh your memory.  They are all together, not separated, so you’ll have to read through them.  Click HERE. If  you could, drop your journal off to me before first class. I have a prep and could get some of them marked ; )